Fantastic Support for your Florida Business!

Fantastic Sams Florida offers a unique business franchise opportunity. The Fantastic Sams Hair Salon Franchise is a Fantastic brand with Fantastic support! We are an all cash business, recession resistant and still growing in a tough economy.

If you are looking for a business for sale in Florida, consider a franchise business. Franchises in Florida have a much higher success rate than most other business opportunities, and franchise hair salons have an added benefit. Hair never stops growing, even in a down economy! And we’ve proven, many times over, that you do not need hair salon experience to be successful. A Fantastic Sams franchise opportunity gives you all the information and knowledge you need to operate your salon, and turn it into a thriving Florida business.

But Fantastic Sams Florida takes the advantages of Franchising even further. When you pursue salon franchise opportunities with Fantastic Sams Florida, you don’t just buy a business in Florida, you join a team of experienced business owners, all working together to make their Hair Salon Franchises work. You benefit from their knowledge and experience. As a result, your hair salon franchise is much more likely to flourish.

In addition, the Fantastic Sams Florida support team of experienced people are here to help grow your business. We have a strong group of educators, consultants and business advisors in-house to help you. We have hair salon franchise owners who have been with us for over 20 years and many of our franchisees own multiple hair salons. Take advantage of the Fantastic Sams franchise opportunity and discover the joy of running your own Florida business WITH A TEAM dedicated to your success!

Raytron Enterprises, Inc of Florida has been granted the right to sell and service Fantastic Sams franchises in Florida and certain counties in Georgia, under a license agreement from Fantastic Sam Franchise Corporation, the owner of the Fantastic Sams trademarks and system. Fantastic Sams Florida has been selling hair salon franchises and building a strong brand for over 25 years in the Florida Region.

Don’t just buy a business in Florida. When looking for a business for sale, carefully investigate the Fantastic Sams Florida franchise opportunity. We have a system, a support group, and a staff dedicated to helping your Florida business make money. Contact us today!